Friday, April 27, 2007


Im going to have an awesome scar in like a month. The other day I got some rug burn on my knee, I woke up the next day it was puss filled and infected, so I cleaned it out and bandaged it up. Meanhile I couldnt walk, so yesterday I went ot go air it out and when I took the bandage off, all the puss came out and it started gushing blood. Bandaged it up, cleaned it. today Im airing it, not as bad as it was, geting puss filled again, but I can walk. the picture I took right after it gushed blood. I woke up this morning with bad allergies, so ive just been in bed today elaxing. i kind of feel feverish. All day yesterday I downloaded music, like papa roach, Relient K, Slick Shoes, and Punchline. ive discovered my tate of music is callled by m yspace as Alternative/pop/punk. How vauge is that?
Melanie Brown announced her new daughters name which is Angel Iris Murphy-Brown. She released photos. Angel looks like a raisin, but shes new. But boy has Phoenix grown up! shes 8 now. in that pic she loko slike Melanie but in all the others she looks EXACTLLY like Jimmy, If youre interested in Melanie I'd read the new OK! Europe issue. it talks about her paternity issue with Eddie Murphy and stuff like that. Boy, Shes really handling this well and is really well spoken. I'm very proud of her. No job bites yet. It sucks. I've began working on Kara's Quilt and its sooo adorable. im going to have a hard time giving this one up. I should be working on Tylers pillow case for his birthday but im just not feeling it. Cant quilt something im not feeling. All day Ive been watching Viva la Bam. All of season 1 and im half way season 2 right now.

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Nice pus-y wound! Makes my flesh crawl!