Friday, April 06, 2007

new fav show

okay, so I have a new fav tv show. im a little behind since its in its third season, but ive watch religiously this season and all the repeats. I'm obsessed with the office right now. It's brilliant. i dnt know why i didnt watch it before this season. Season 2 just came out on dvd. so, im going to try to save up from seaosn 1 and 2 even though my paychecks suck. im hoping to sell some photos. That cat is Blorange, the stupidest cat in the world tee hee hee. Easter is coming up. We ran out of cadbury creame eggs at work. i bought some tulips for me today because i was depressed. there are 6 buds and ive been watching the biggest one slowly open up all night. by the tim ei wake up im sure it'll be fully open. its just weird, everytime i look at it, it looks different. i have 4 days off in a row this week so i'm going to work on my portfolio. speaking of which, if you know of anyone (or yourself) in the northern mass, southern nh area that would be willing to let me shoot them let me know. i really need to work on shootin people, like photoshoot type of shooting, not like party type of shooting. so, like model wanna bes, newborns, headshots, Engagment photos, whatever....i need to practise. Melanie Brown had conddaughter the othe day, Fortuna Daphne Bay. Phoenix and Fotuna...kind of sweet. of course, I'm taking the name with a grain of salt because her reps havent sent anything out. Can you believe Phoenix is 8? 8...It seem slike yesterday I was jumping up and down in tears when Kurt loder announced Phoenix was born (and brooklyn for that matter...i had to go to work and made my dad find out babys name and weight by the time he picked me up). I cannot believe all the girls are moms, with exception of Mel C (although shes thinking about it now). I just thought of Something, When Emma has her baby, it better be a c-section because Emma has a big head lol. okay...watching ryan dunn shove a car up his ass...brilliant cinema history happening right now....what else can i babbel about? nothing. its almost midnight and i've been up since 5 am.

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