Saturday, April 21, 2007

Den Rock Park

today I woke up ealy, well not eary for most people but early for me and I went on a mini hike. The weather was in te mid-70's so I went to Den Rock park. its basically a hiking ground on giant rocks and stuff. i didnt get many good photo opts though, but i climbed the biggest rock there and was taller than most of the trees in north andover. the veiw was cool. Mom grilled so i ate outside. it was a nice relaxing day. I want to try to go to the zoo tomorrow or next weekend. ive been dying to go ever since i got my new camera, jsut havent had the time.
Ive been dying to use my camera too. finally its pretty out where i can do stuff outside.
This is me on top of the giant rock. you can kind of see how high i was.
Just some pine needles.

Sticks. I just thought their position was cool..
Some rocks being all rock like and stuff

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