Friday, September 28, 2007

New TV Seasons: Some spoilers

So the new season of shows have started pretty much!

  • The Simpson and Family guy were alright this past week. Not much to say about them. there was some cool Ralphie though

  • Heroes: Of course the season premier rocked. We have a enw Hero, this chick from Honduras. We dotn know what her powers are yet. She seems to kill people but how we dont know yet. So George Takei and Peters Mom like i remember their fake names...they are heroes as well from what it looks like. That Molly chick I guess is the new Sylar.

  • LOSt: Wait...that dosent start yuntil 2008 :-

  • Journeyman: So I gave this show a shot bevcause is had a cool premise. Dude travels in time to save peoples lives. Im still not too sure about it though. The guy suddenly got his powers and now he's like cool lets do some people saving. I think he jumpe dinto it way too fast and he should have still been denying it just like his wife should have been denying it. they could have taken at least 3 weeks to intriduce him to this new power so he could make mistakes and stuff. Oh well, I'll give it another chance

  • ANTM: So Before the season started I heard they were going to have more of the awkward beautiful girls and boy do they ever lol. There are really only 3 girls I like so far. i think thats the most Ive ever liked at one time lol. I like Lisa, Shes gorgeous and dosent take any kind of shit. I like the fact that shes an exotic dancer too :) I also like Victoria. I dont know why though. She has one of those horse faces, but she works it. She takes good photos and shes smart. I hope she goes further along. And of course My fav is Heather. Gotta love the Autistic gal! I would totally be friends with her in that house. I kind of like Jenah too if she didnt look too much like Robin Tunney. its actually nice to see a cycle where most of the people have an awkward beauty about them. Oh, and let me say i am THRILLED Mila isnt there anymore. She was giving Boston a bad name.
  • The Office: It was a Great Kevin and Angela episode. I dont know what Jenna Fischer did to her hair over the summer, but shes looking gorgeous. Ryan needs to shave but hey, he;'s still hot. LOL@Andy and his nipples. Another one who is looking cute who i never thought was cute is Jan. Ponytails suit her. Oh Forgot to say Meredith was great lol. I love Tobey. I think Im the only one who really loves his character. Michael, he is not Satan.
  • ER: Of course ER makes me cry the first episode of the season. That grandfather and his granddaughter jsut broke my heart. All he wanted to do was to show her about her freedom of speech and her freedom to express herself in america and something like this happened. Boy did that surgery scene with neela scare the crap out of me. Oh and Are they gearing up Sam for that TALL cop? if they are, it was a little too obvious. I do not like Stanley Tucci. We need Kerry or Luka back. More and more I'm starting to like Archie better. i dont know what it is about him.
  • SNL starts this saturday and Im going to miss it. It was either tape that or Heroes...I need to go with heroes. it's okay, its only Lebron james hosting.

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