Thursday, February 05, 2009


my birthday was nice. me, David, kristen, Joanne, Beth, Dan, megan, Adam, and Kenny went to border's Cafe in harvard square for drinks and food. Then we went to charlies for some beers. and then the middle east. i'D give a more indepth reveiw but im very sick. i woke up sunday with cold sores which wasnt good cuz i knew my immune system wasnt up to par and i'd be getting sick. Boy did i get sick. i have the typical nytquil commercial. i have a fever today. I got someone to stay late at work so i could leave early so my shift will be a 9-12 shift. i'll see if i can handle that. fever, body aches, stuffy head and sinus, scratchy eyes, bad couch....ugh. I turn 27 and everything stops working lol

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