Sunday, March 01, 2009


Hi I'm not dead. just been busy. I really have nothing to update y'all on. David is having a migraine right now so ive just been puttering around the house, cleaning, chatting with friends, eating, eating ALOT. we're on a diet now, but ive been eating healthy things in max amount today. My laptop is coming close to being paid for. I'm only $145 away. i found the laptop i wanted. its a HP and has 3g of hard drive which is better than most desktops and any dell i looked at. it just looks better than any other one ive looked at and the price wasnt much more than the cheapo dells. We're going to buy it at Best Buy I think so we'll have the geek squad on hand if anything does happen to it. I'm going to try to do my taxes tomorrow during out blizzard....hopefully before or after our blizzard. Oooh just sold something on ebay only $140 away now!!! lol

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