Saturday, October 21, 2006


Well, im pissed. I went to go deposit $60 into my account so I wouldnt bounce any checks and well, the $60 is missing. It must have fallen out of my pocket in the parking lot or on the way home last night. I dont get paid until next friday lol. so I lost $60 and will probably bounce checks if they clear. I guess its my own fault for not zipping it up in my wallet, but still. I can pretty much assume next weeks paychecks will go to covering fees. At least I have a few extra hours this coming week. I was gonna do christmas shopping tomorrow but not now. No pictures for this post because Im mad. I really need a new job. I hate living paycheck to paycheck. I would like to put something away. Oh well, there's nothing I can really do. I can just complain :-D


Carl Ray Louk said...

Aaaawwww *HUG* I am sorry. that does suck. Can you borrow 60 from your mom or step dad until you get your check so you get over drawn in your account?

karmellah said...


Carl Ray Louk said...

*HUG* If I wasn't broke I send it to you. *HUG*