Friday, October 20, 2006

Watery Ticket

Well, I bought my CKY ticket today. I am so excited for the show. its going to rock. I think I will stay away from Chad's side of the stage though even though he's an amazing guitar player. From the footage ive seen his side gets more rowdy and he likes to spit beer...although....that might be fun....If I wouldnt let Steve-o Spit beer on me I certainly wouldnt let Chad spit beer on me. Who knows what those men have lol. plus Matt is hotter....mmmmm....And Deron....and Jess... *sigh* next week im going to start looking for an outfit to wear. The show is on December 19th and ALSO on december 19th something Ive been waiting for since June 20th....LADY IN THE WATER COMES OUT ON DVD!!! that tuesday is going to rock!

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Carl Ray Louk said...

That awesome. :-D I wish I was there to go with you. I cant wait for Lady in the Water to come out on DVD! :-D That movie ROCKED I went to the theater to see it.