Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Thanks to a wonderful and handsome and kind person, my $60 has been replaced. i feel sooo much better and a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.Also in the mail i got this AWESOME HIM beanie. Im not of a hat person but winter is coming and i'll need a hat so when I saw this on ebay I had to get it. it was only $2.00
I can pull it down to cover my ears so They wont freeze either. I love it! I may go on a photoshoot tomorrow so look for photos coming up. i know I havent posted any scrapbooking pages. i havent had time to scrapbook lately.


Carl Ray Louk said...

*HUG* I am glad you was able to replace it. :-) I been hit by they fees and it no fun.

ZMrK said...

Wonderful handsome and kind? Did Bam bail you out?! Cool!