Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Insert Witty Subject

well today I went to Linda's to show her how much of my qyult I have done. She was almost in tears she was so surprised. She gave me tons of quilting books and check out this box....a box FULL of fabric. Probably worth $100 or more. There is so many fabrics that are just perfect for Kara's quilt. If you didn tknow, I'm making Kara a quilt because she's expecting her first baby this halloween. Because there weren't an official baby fabric in the box, i went to Joanne and bought these two adorable baby fabrics. I think I'm going to have fun making her a quilt. Tyler wants me to make him a quilted pillow case with hsi school colours. So, Hopefully, I can finish that by his birthday in May. So, the othe day while expressing my opinion on a public forum I was informed to express it on my own blog...well...I have my own blog.n is my rants....SHOES. The ugliest shoes in the world are...Drum roll please:
  • UGGS: They are disgusting. My friends are not allowed to wear them around me (Thankfuly they dont like them either). I do not care if they are the most comfortable thing in the world. I do not care if theyve been around since the Civil War. They are horrible looking. They make your feet look like a Clysdale Horse or a Bear. I am appauled they are even on the markert
  • Crocs. You know those plastic colourfl gardening looking shoes? THEY ARE HORRIBLE. They are ugly, loud, and look like frigging rain shoes. I dont care if they are comfortable. They are ugly. If you wear them, cant you hear pople snickering behind you?
  • Coach Soes. FIne Coach makes shoes, who dosent nowadays. But does the entire shoe need to be made from the coach logo? Theyre disgusting!! omg, ar eyou really that vein about your riches, you need to flaunt it?

I'm watching ANTM right now. I love this Man photoshoot. That is such a good idea. Renee finally looks good as a man. She looked like a drag queen. I love Jael. Shes so funky and fun. Dionne is a useless peice of space. Sarah jst looked...weird. Of course Jazlene or whatever her name is rocked at it. WHitney looked weird... Natasha looked frigging amazing!! I was utterly shocked by her performance. She really came ot of her shell this week. Speaking of her...Im kind of feeling bad for her. Everyone is talking behind her back about her marriage. They were saying some pretty rude stuff. WHo knows if they were true or not? It's none of their business. You know, just the fact that she calls her husband and has a child with him, makes me think it's a whole lot more than just a greencard thing. Maybe it started out like that, but it certainly isnt that now. I know...A tanget about an episode that isnt even over yet. I am really excited to see how Natasha's photos cme out.


ZMrK said...

Nice fabric score! I can't wait to see what you do with it!!

I couldn't agree more about the shoes... but then I'm getting to think that if it ain't a Fluevog, it;s crap!!

ANTM was great again. Natasia actually did great! She was unrecognisable and totally convincing!

Enough! I don't want to post to LARGE, unless you want to know what I had for brekkie!

ZantiMissKnit said...

Aaaah. . . ugg, crocs and coach rant. I love you. :-)

Good score on the box of fabric!