Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quilt #2

Well, yesterday after I took my inhaler I was shaking too much to do too much of anything so I quilted and finished the other strip and quilted together. next, Blue. Not much went down today. Andrea and I are planning a dorky S Patty's Dat thing. Cant let alcoholics pass up this holiday lol. I'm going to scrap a

little tonight and tomorow because i have tomorrow off and finally have photos. Im going to watch the rest of Smallville Season 3 too. Watching LOST right now. Weird Claire episode. America's Next top model was all right. I didn like the photoshoot and Jael or whatever her name is made me cry. Their make overs looked good on them and Renee will get punched in the face by me. Thats it. Man, what is going on with Locke? got side tracked there. Pussycat doll show was hillarious. was in the high 70s today and we're goign to get snow this weekend lol. funnn....


Carl Ray Louk said...

The Quilt looking really good. I can't wait to see it completed. Have Green Beer for me tomorrow. ;-)

ZMrK said...

Awesome looking quilt! The colors are so vivid in person... I can't wait to see this suckah!

The weather sucks arse right now.