Tuesday, March 13, 2007


well, today driving i had my first asthma attack in 3 years. It was really fun. thankfully Nom has tons of inhalers so I used it when i got home and it has ben 15 years since i used one lol. i forgot how gross they taste. Today Skooter jumped into the cupboard. shes never done that. She was actually pretty cute. Man, my hands are shaking big time since using the inhaler. anywaym that dog is Pika. her back legs are paralyzed so shes retarded lol. shes pretty sweet. ehr and her ower are staying with us for awhile. im tired of it but oh well. Jo-Anne's Fabric was having a sale on

quarter flats so i bought the rest of the fabric i needed for my quilt, for the front of it at least.


ZantiMissKnit said...

The inhalers are really icky tasty, and they make me shake for a while and get me all sped up too. My doc told me there's a steroid in there, and that's what speeds me up.

Novacaine does that to me too.

ZMrK said...

Take care o' youseff. Me love you!

We got our first piece of REAL mail at the new place! Guess who sent it?!