Wednesday, December 20, 2006

cky cky cky

Hey I just got back from seeing them and I thought I'd post bout it lol Excuse tied...very tiredLet me just say the boys are soo m uch better looking in real life. Okay, The opening band was Down the drain. i ddnt much like them but for the last song Deron came on to sing with them. It was so surreal. I dont think It had hit me that I was actually there to see CKY (it still hasnt sunk in). Then the stqage was being set up Hanna and Shitbirdz was there of course. it took me an hour to realize it was Hanna though because he had a baby mohawk going. I tried to take pictures bt i was jsut too shakey from excitment and couldnt use a flash for a while (i had to wait for the security gaurd to leave) im uploading them right now because i dont care of the quality its proof i was there. Anyway, the show was utterly amazing. They were on stage for almost 2 hrs. I was on Matt's side and I never knew much about him since hes the nwest one but omg, he is now my favorit person on earth. he was right in the crowd, talking to us, it was great!! Jesse was utterly trashed lol. Since it was Matts home town they focused a lot on himm which was great. They played way more songs than I was expecting including Silent Night and Little Drummer Boy lol. Deron spit his water out and it got all over my boobs hahaha. i caught Matt looking at them a few times. And during triple manic state I was dancing and caught Deron looking at the. It was pretty funny. Its weird when you lock eyes with them. Everytime locked eyes with Matt I couldnt help but tosmile and giggle. Jesse tried walking off stage once becuse he had to pee but shitbirdz made him stay and he had to be helped back to the drums. Deron played a new riff off of the new album which was great. Chad wanted to keep playing but due to Jesses bladder they closed out with Close yet far. As they were cleaning up matt invited 20 of us back to his place for a houseparty, his mother who was in the crowd was screaming "MATTHEW!! MATTHEW DONT YOU DARE!!!" it was cute. I should have went but Since i had work I decided to not go. THey Chad came over and posed for a picture for me and he shook my hand, a lingering handshake. He smiled and like actually looked into my eyes (Ive found a lot of celebs dont) and he had the softess and gentless look on his face. I just smiled. I was going to go say thanks to Matt but his mother was bitching him outlol.

The rest of my album is here. since blooger is being an ass i cant post pics

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ZantiMissKnit said...

Ewww. . .I don't like the beard on Chad! But it's really cool that you got that picture! And hilarious about your boobs!