Saturday, December 30, 2006

Productive Year

Yesterday was a very rpoductive day. I took dad out for lunch. We ate at Paneras. its so good there. then I got my nose peirced and dad got tattooed. I know Ive already had it peirced but i had ot repeirced. this time it hurt a lot more because they used a needle. it gushed blood, pretty funny. it looks cute still really red, but cute. It was hard to sleep lol. Then we were to the science museum to see two exhibits. One was a butterfly exhibit. It was so beautiful. the butterflies flew all around. Then we went to Body World when these real bodies were covered in like a plasic film. they had like peoples nervous systems and stomaches, fetuses, etc etc. it was sooo interesting. It was a little creepy, but most of the time they didnt loo like humans. there was a couple that did though. it was so interesting. Then we had Indian food. It was a great and fun day.


ZMrK said...

I had a good day yesterday too. My daughter took me to lunch, we got mutilated together, we looked at bugs and corpses and ate again! I too slept a little gingerly!

ZantiMissKnit said...

Your photos came out so much better than mine would have. I'm taking you everywhere from now on! ;-)