Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Two posts in one day

who cares? I was on such high today I think I was smiling the entire day at work. i was such a twit and sang christmas carols and danced around. My ears are still ringing.

heres the set list.
"Your Demise" By Down the Drain Featuring Deron
Escape From Hellview
Flesh into Gear
Silent Night
Sink into the Underground
Attached at the Hip
Inhuman Creation Station
Sporadic Movement
96 Quite Bitter Beings
Rio Bravo
Fat Fuck
Santa's Coming / Knee Deep
My Promiscuous Daughter
half of Plastic Plan
The Human Drive In Hi-Fi
shock and terrorTo All Of You
Drummer Boy (matt and jesse)
Disengage the Simulator
Dressed In Decay
some of Sniped
Tripled Manic State
Suddenly Tragic
All Power To Slaves
Close Yet Far

Even if you dont know about their music, I recommend that if they play near you that you go. Its jsut anamazing show. now thAt the show is done with, I think i can finally get into the christmas spirit. and to everyone who i need to mail gifts to, will probably be getting them late because i dont know when i can get to the post office saince im working 40 hrs this week.


ZMrK said...

Awesome shit, my lovely! I'm so glad all went well. The pictures look fine! (I know what kind of camera you used...)

ZantiMissKnit said...

Awesome!!! I kinda wish I had gone. If they ever play in Boston again, I'll go with you!