Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I hope everyone had a great holiday. i had a great one and got almost everything I wanted lol. I am glad its over though and I have time to relax before my birthday. Right now I am relaxing, having a drink, and have two days off. Nice.


ZMrK said...

Some really awesome person must have given you that HAGGARD dvd!

Carl Ray Louk said...

That great you got almost everything on your list. :-) I had pretty good Christmas to. Here what I got. For Christmas I got in my stocking I got Subway Cash Card from Sissy and one from Barbara, The Crossing Cinema booklet of $10.00 movie gift certificates from Amber. For Christmas under the tree I got 100.00 Dad, DaVita Mittens, $25.00 Wal*Mart Gift Card from Lennie, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man Chest DVD from Santa, Hanes Pajama Set from Sissy Amber Brittany and Kaylee, George Leather Gloves from Sissy Amber Brittany and Kaylee, Slippers, from Sissy Amber Brittany and Kaylee, Clue DVD game from Rick and Barbara and Cole.

So what is on your Birthday wish list? My birthday coming up next month January 9. :-)

ZantiMissKnit said...

That's one awfully big Corona-shaped booger!