Friday, December 01, 2006


So there basically will be a coup at work monday lol, welcould be one. we're having a meeting because about 5 of us are disgusted with how a certain someone treats the rest of the eomplyees. Doubt our boss will do anything because he's...uh...
cant really say that on the internet lol. The christmas time is too busy for there to be a break down at work so we need to stop it before there is one. On the good side, my mom confirmed that i am to have the car on Dec 19th. She thinks is a good idea for me to go do something. She wishes someone was going with me, but hey. So now all i have to worry about is them loosing my ticket. And yes, that is a picture of Jukka from the Dudesons. he's my fav one. Hes fun.

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ZMrK said...

Good luck with the coup!

Hey... the 19th is coming right up!!