Thursday, December 21, 2006

CKY layout

well of course im scrapping my night at the concert. this is probably going to be a 3 or 4 page layout. so here is the first page. Its only of Jesse, deron, and chad because i could only fot three and so I felt the
3 oldest members of the band shoudl be first even though Matt is my fav, but he'll have the setlist page lol. See the damn CKY title? I did that by hand and it took forever because i didnt have a darn exacto knife. I cant find mine. I think it looks almost exactlly to their logo. this whole night is going to be a dark layout. only fitting i think. Okay, so two days later, im stil in pain. My breast bone is killing me from looking up for 3 hrs and screaming for 2 hrs lol. Oh yeah, i forgot to add that i finally got my raise that I was supposed to get in August. It was retroactive so I got my back pay so this weeks check was kind of nice. Its about time I got the raise. its only $7.40 an hour now, bt that'll do until I can get a car and a different job. I will be focusing more on getting some pf my photos published come the new year too.


ZMrK said...

Looking good, sistah-girl! Congrats on the raise and the retro-active pay! Good time for it! Buy me some stuff!

Carl Ray Louk said...

Sound like you had an awesome time at the concert. :-) Congradulation on the raise. Now you can start the Karmellah Car Fund 2007. ;-)